Wednesday, November 09, 2005
Good Intentions
It seems I have an abundance of these, I just seem to have difficulty turn them into actions. My list of deeds undone is growing by the day.

I wake with the intention of cleaning...Well anything, I wake with the intention of going for a walk, calling friends, doing paper work, cleaning, washing, losing weight, shaving my legs ..The list goes on and on and each day I am a failure. My friend Danelle bought back my steam mop on FRIDAY.. and today is WEDNESDAY.. It is still sitting at the front door where I left it.

Am I disorganise? Lazy? Absentminded? I don't know. I mean I start to clean but then I either get overwhelmed, have to find something for someone or get them milk/eeyore/bubba (dummy) pick them up and cuddle them or diffuse a screaming fit because I wont dispense green lid treats (this is the jar that holds the mily ways) at 7am so by then I have said stuff it. It isn't like I am sitting and scrapping or working on projects either and apart from when the boys have a nap I try to avoid the computer, I could avoid it a little more so as to make myself do more but to be honest with you I loathe cleaning, I have friends with clean houses and I envy them, why can't I take enough pride to keep my house like that?

Michael makes my excuses for me when I say this but it is also because he wouldn't notice if I did clean up.

Mind you one of my good intentions has been turned into action, we are eating better meals at the same time, this happens if I cook as Michael has no concept of time so when he cooks we eat at 9pm which with 2 little kids just doesn't work for me so dinner is now over and done with by 7pm.

ok..I'm done going to organise my work table as I have 2 projects and a dozen pages to catch up on

take care :)