Monday, November 21, 2005
yep, shit. How as a mum am I supposed to gently and calmly help my child when he is so distressed he is crying, screaming as though he is in pain and biting his clothes he is so frustrated. Once again I'm not even sure what set him off, this was all over a treat. Was it the wrong treat? was it in the wrong bowl? should it have been on a plate? After 10 minutes of distress Riley started getting concerned, he kept saying "aaic crying, aaic crying" he took Alec his eeyore and started collecting things he thought Alec might like, the poor baby, he was screamed at too.. that was when I called Michael, I know it doesn't stop anything but it keeps me from getting more upset than I am and Michael can sometimes give me a different insight into the cure for the meltdown.

We of course survived, writing this and just getting him a second treat I realised what I did wrong, Alec is a creature of habit and when we first had fruit m&m's (skittles) he would sit at the table and eat them out of the little container, well wrong container and wrong place were my first mistake after that nothing else mattered really. It has been one of those days, he has had about 5 or 6 crying spells while we were out at morning tea this morning.

I need more tools to deal with this and I need to do more reading on autism and the therapies we want to do, Michael has the time for the reading but wont be here I don't have the time to read and learn and I am the one that has to do it.

This is frustrating, heart breaking and oh so stressful.
Anonymous Tracy said...
Oh Alli, sending you the biggest of (((((HUGGLES))))) it is very frustrating knowing that you have inadvertainly done something wrong but not knowing what that something is. I can only imagine how frustrating this all must be for you, but you are a strong person with a good clear head on her shoulders and I am sure with the experts help and guidance you will overcome the unknown.
Tracy x

Anonymous Sallyd said...
Alli, I can't imagine what this is like for you. I struggle when my 3 year old has a long tantrum. Big (((hugs))) and thanks for letting us share your life
Sallyd xxx