Wednesday, November 23, 2005
There is always another day
Yesterday we had a wonderful day. I decided I didn't want to go anywhere so we had a play day at home. My gorgeous friend Lissy had sent a thank you card that was a scan of one of E's masterpieces and Alec saw it and said.."mummy can we do painting" so I whipped out those paints and grabbed a pile os paper my dad saves for me and off we went, we started off painting and then I thought I would see if Alec would touch the paint, he not only touched it he painted it on his own hands. Once we were done with hands he asked to go outside and do foot prints too, I've had to wait almost 4 years but I finally got those hand and foot prints. We could never get Alec to uncurl his fingers, they were alwasy very stiff, another of those missed signs.

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So after that the guys sat down and watched play school, they made jelly and sang a wibbly wobbly jelly song and Alec asked if we could make wibbly wobbly jelly too, so we got out the stools and Alec and Riley watched while I made the jelly, then I poured it into a bunny mould. I think Alec checked that jelly every 10 minutes, I told him we could eat it when Michael came home, the minute we walked in the door from the train that jelly was out of the fridge. Once we turned it out Alec sat and sang the wibbly wobbly song while shaking the jelly.

It was a good day.
Anonymous rebecca said...
Hi Alli,
I just thought I would pop in and see what you were up to (after seeing the link on BB) and am totally blown away. Everything you have wriiten sounds just like me and neither of my children have autism.

Hang in there. Keeping talking. There are plenty of people out there that feel the seem way. If it helps I was in tears in my car today after yelling at my 5 yo for dawdling. Gotta hate PMT.

Anonymous Tracy said...
Sounds like you guys had a great day Alli, that is cool especially after yesterday, keep them good days rolling on.
Tracy x