Thursday, December 08, 2005
you've all seen it, the bring out your dead rack at k-mart or Target, well our new K-mart has one strangely placed right by the check outs, as I was on my way to the check out having exceeded my budget for the day a very excited lady grabs me and tells me a further 50% has been taken off the damaged stock, I glance down and see a Tefal kitchen marked at $30 proclaiming something was missing, I grabbed it, I mean $15 for a $95 kitchen how could I resist.

I hid it until the boys went to bed and Michael and I put it together to see what was missing, well part "D" that was supposed to be missing was right there! The only thing missing are 3 of the 4 little knobs for the oven door and stove that probably fell out when it was repacked and repeatedly inspected, everything else is perfect!

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We hid it in the garage again after setting it up... notw to self, unpack toys from packaging before wrapping this year, it saved lots of frustration for the boys and us last year.