Tuesday, February 14, 2006
should I quit while I'm ahead?

so is this total rubbish? It still needs a handle which is made of glass beads on the top and as much pink ribbon as I can find and a bit more frou frou, not sure on the trinkets bit, they aren't stuck down yet.

oh and you know that class I did on Friday night.. well i totally suck! I'm sure those poor girls wondered what they were doing there. One girls hair dryer packed it in, crackle medium and texture paste may sound exciting but I forgot it takes about an hour and 1/2 to prep a canvas, and while I find this exciting and think it is time well spent I now realise not very many others share that passion with me.

Now I have this monstrosity to prepare for a class, atleast they will get to just do a bit of painting then gets stuck into sticking stuff down!

Everything is taking so much extra effort at the moment..
Blogger Rach H said...
oohh aahhhhhhh I would love to come to a class of yours. This is fantastic!! I hope your next class is a bit more fun for you!!!