Sunday, March 26, 2006
A Fresh Start
When productivity falls to zero and deadlines and photos start piling up you know something has to change. I woke up from a nap yesterday and walked out and said.. "Michael, come help me get that bookcase out!" it had been in the garage gathering cat hair and daddy long legs for 2 years so we washed it off and while Michael kept going with the garage I started on my scraproom, which started the day looiking like this!

Six hours later! I can never again say I don't have many scrap supplies but I now have somewhere much nicer to work. It is also nice to see the floor again, I can't think how many months it has been since I drag the vacuum cleaner in here.

Blogger Justine said...
WOW Alli! Great I bet you can't wait to work in your space. I did the same thing the other day but haven't had the time to get to my space since.....maybe this arvo! BTW, I will make that phone call soon...I really need to chat with you! Take care Alli and ejoy your refreshed space!

Anonymous Odette said...
Looks great Alli - do you want to come & do mine??????
I'll have to get directions from you to go & pick up my containers from Friday night! Trust me to leave something behind. I had a great night, so thanks again!

Anonymous Rach said...
Alli sensational job!!!!

See you over here for morning tea to start on mine puuuhhhleeeaseeeee.

Blogger Lisa Pate said...
Alli you have just inspired me cause my scrapping space is, well, lets just say a total and utter disaster area!!!! Off to tidy! LOL