Tuesday, February 28, 2006
Best intentions..
Can I please have today to do over again?

Firstly I have wasted so much time, I know I can't be doing something every minute of the day but I also need to have some kind of plan!

Then all my good intentions to have a fun day with Alec were blown away, I made so many wrong decisions with him today, I should know when it is hot to just take him home, but no he wanted to go to the scrapbook shop to do scrapcooking, had a bee in his bonnet all day so after kindy we set off, I had even done him his own little kit, maybe tonight after dinner we might sit down and make it, I did him some photos and papers and a few embellishments.

So after about 8 disasters we finally get home he is hot and tired and screaming and I want to sream rude words and throw things because some days I just can't get this right. I have virtually eaten non stop since we got home, chips, chocolate, crackers, cheese and crackers a bit more chocolate.. not a good move for a diabetic but my care factor is very low right now. Alec finally went to sleep but came out after about 45 minutes, he lay on the lounge and has been asleep there ever since.

When we go to get some bread I am getting icecream too..then for desert I am going to have birthday cake, icecream and cream in a can in the biggest bowl i can find, screaming rude words and thowing things would probably be a lot better for me.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Hi Alli, I am sad to hear you had such a bad day, hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Congrats on your masters award, when I saw an article about you in the Wanneroo Times I had hoped we might meet up somewhere as we did live close by.

But such is life we are now in the bush...maybe one day we will catch up.

Take care, and have a nice day tomorrow.


Maxine Hazebroek

Blogger Rach H said...
HI Ali
I hope today is a better day for you.
Love the photo of Alec + him blowing out his cake. Sounds like a neat party.
hey just to let you know sometimes I go outside + have a big arrrhhgggg when the kids are doing my head in + feel so much better. They then ask if I'm OK........LOL, they don't even realise its their behaviour that drove me to it!!!!
take care

Blogger domestic goddess said...
Ali I so hope that today was better for you. Screaming and saying rude words is better for you, but you will probably need that bowl of ice cream to soothe your throat afterwards!!! Not much help am I???
Take care of you......

Blogger Carole Janson said...
Oh Alli, I hope you are feeling better, ice cream is always a really, really good choice.