Friday, March 03, 2006
Where did the week go?
We have been so busy! Yesterday I spent 47 minutes at home, from meetings at kindy to speech then Alec and I went on to the shop for a class schedule meeting, I had trains and track, pillows and blankets plus all my soon to be store sample in tow, it took 3 of us to get it all back out to the car.

Alec was just fantastic, especially considering he had been out all day also, we had to go "next door" first, next door is a second hand toy store located right next door the the scrap shop, he had his train selected before we even got in there. He had a ball, he went from playing trains to 'just going down stairs stay there!' to laying down under the window, then the moment came..'mum can I have my scrapcooking', he sat and he glued and stuck and then was so proud of himself, poor Di she said'oh Alec that is beautiful can I put that up in my shop?' 'No my scrapcooking is coming home wif me' he says, so here is Alec's first scrapcooking page.

The only downside of the day was having to drive to Subiaco and pick up Riley and then drive 40 minutes in peek hour traffic while he screamed all the way, no wonder Alec has sensory issues, poor baby kept saying, 'stop it Riley you're hurting my ears!' When we got home at 5pm we then had to bake 2 cakes, 2 batches of cookies and some baby quiche for Michael's send off morning tea, yayyyyyyyy 2 weeks holiday now before he starts his new job!
Blogger Rach H said...
tell Alec I think his scrapcooking page is very cool !!!!
what a big day for you - hope you got all that baking done!!!