Saturday, May 20, 2006
the last 10 days
ok so I wont bore you with everything, apart from the fact that the computer isn't why my house is untidy. Here is my life in point form.

  • I am gearing up for the Perth Quilt and Craft fair this week, girls that said they would test run my power point slides it will be coming but probably monday! that is tomorrow's job.

  • This afternoon I am heading off to a class with Tim Holtz.. how cool is that, I better take my camera just incase.

  • I need to choose 3 layouts to send to the brisbane papercraft festival and I can't decide on the final one

  • Scrapbooking memories knocked back my Woman layout for the doodling gallery

  • I'm glad I married a nerd and he could fix our computer, dell quoted $510 for a new motherboard but we scrored and picked up one for $125 from a guy in NSW that bought 5 from centrex the people who make them for Dell!!

  • Alec is doing amazingly well at the Early intervention centre, I feel as though this is the place for him, he just loves it, he had hit a plateau for a few months and now all of a sudden he is streaking ahead.

OK off now, take care
Blogger domestic goddess said...
So glad to see that things are cruising along for you Alli. I looooove the Woman LO - the doddling is fabulous.
Been reading up on the times that you are at the Craft Fair and I think there are a couple of us girls coming along on the Sunday - probably just when you are over it - but we will heckle nicely!!!
See you then

Anonymous suz said...
Hope you had a fab time at the Fair this weekend Alli - and cool news about Alec too how good to see progress.

Anonymous suz said...
some beautiful work in your slider too btw. trying to decide on a fave but can't really.

Anonymous Danelle said...
Hi Alli, it is nice to read about what you are doing - busy girl!! We miss you and look forward to a proper catch up soon. Have a great time at the fair. I used the photo print place you found online and they did great prints - very happy.