Monday, April 17, 2006
The Easter weekend showed me
that what I was missing in my life was sleep!

I have struggled to make it to 10pm every night this weekend and I have stayed in bed until atleast 7am every morning and I feel so much better for it. While the house isn't spotlessly clean I did manage the bathrooms, toilets, kept the kitchen tidy and ironed 11 shirts. On top of this I have manages to do 9 layouts and 6 pages for my 'favourite photos' album. I got this idea from Nic Wright, the simplicity and beauty of it stayed with me and I am doing 8.5x11 albums as Mothers Day gifts for my mum and Penny and one for myself.

We have had a great weekend, Firday we started off at Kings Park, Alec just loved it and towards the end he picked up the little camera we bought along and started taking photos, it was so great to see things from his perspective, I am doind a layout of some of his photos now, this is one he took looking down the firmans pole at the playground

And this is my nice simple style for multiple pages and multiple photos, Alec's 4th Birthday!

I'm off to do some more scrapping before we end our weekend with a BBQ with the neighbours up at the lake.
Blogger Scrapmanda said...
Hi Alli - love your work! I can relate to pics by children - my 7 year old daughter asked for her first digital camera for her birthday and I LOVE the photo's she takes.

Say g'day to Michael for me - we used to work together at QPS years ago - caught up with him on his last trip over here last year.

Blogger Carole Janson said...
Hi Alli, I am pleased you had a lovely weekend, and I hope the BBQ was lovely. Love the photo that Alec took, through the eyes of children, you can really get some great shots. Love the layout simple and stunning. Sarah took some photo of our trip to Singapore, and she managed to get a lot more perspective photos than I did, which I have started to use.


Blogger Rach H said...
hey Ali
haven't being on your blog for a while. See you have being busy with illness, kids, life + scrapping. Hope things are settling down + your all on top of everything!!!
Love your idea of Alec taking his own photos's.........fantastic idea.
fantastic LO btw !!!