Sunday, April 23, 2006
An Alec Update
So much has been happening these last few weeks with Alec. We still do speech every week and 2 weeks ago we had an assessment done by an occupational therapist. That turned up weakness we knew about and gave him a rating of 'at risk' being that these things are going to be an impediment to his development. Also we now start at the early Intervention centre (we are calling it "the centre") of the Autism association on May 1st.

We had our assessment on Thursday and Friday I went to a parent information seminar, and even though I loathe those things I am so glad I went, I actually just loathe going anywhere alone. I took away tons of information and picked up some visual aides called PECS (Picture Exchange Communication Symbols) which means you use picture representation to replace a step in a task like washing your hands and for more general use you can use it like a timetable so kids know what is going to happen. They have found it works really well with verbal kids and in the 2 days we have been using them Alec refers to his boards all the time and is even starting to understand the turn taking one.

Once we start it wont be easy, we have to drive 45km to get to the centre twice a week and we will really feel that in out petrol consumption and our time management abilities. My only concern is Mondays when we are at the PCYC doing OT because it is during Riley's nap time, thankfully Tuesday is covered with him being at mums.

This week is a busy one, I am working two days in the shop and one at the craft fair at the show grounds I'm hoping to put half of what I earn away for my Sydney trip in August.

So life is going to change again, I'm a little happier now we have him in an EI program and Riley seems to have settled into the two days he spends with mum and dad, that helps so much, I just wish I had a laptop so I could do some work while Alec does his centre sessions, I have a web design job to do and I can see myself up until midnight on a regular basis just to keep up with it, but that's life for you..

Here is my beautiful boy playing at Kings Park on Good Friday
Anonymous Jen Leheny said...
hi there - I haven't been reading your blog for very long so I don't know the background with Alec but I want to let you know that my nephew was diagnosed with Autism at around 2 and he is 6 now and he has had Early Intervention for all that time and it is BRILLIANT! He is a different kid. Smiles, talks, cuddles. Not the same as other kids, sure, but from where he was at 2 or 3 to now is an amazing change. He's in a mainstream (though very small) school and doing great. :) My nephew had (or still has?) those PECS things and they are excellent. :) Jen

Anonymous Carol Dillon said...
Glad things are getting a little under control and we will have to make sure you have a blast of a time in Sydney.

Blogger Justine said...
Wow are one very busy lady but you sound as though you are in control. What a great LO of your gorgeous the design! Take care of yourself.....

BTW Congrats on your cover!

Blogger Chris Millar said...
Hi Alli! Hope the intervention centre goes well! Good luck with it! Love your latest layouts too!

Blogger Mistra said...
Phew Alli... you are a busy one! Hope all goes well. The picture sequence is something I do with Kellan. He doesn't have Autism but has trouble trying to 'picture' a sequence in his head and we end up with some of the same problems... it worked a treat though. We have problems if the sequence is changed, but we make BIG efforts to not do that!!
You LO's are gorgeous... sooo love your work!
Planning to go to the Fair so will definately look for you and say hi!!

Blogger Carole Janson said...
Hi Alli, Haven't long got back from holiday, what gorgeous layouts and what great photos.