Monday, May 29, 2006
Quilt and Craft Fair Update
I am so glad I had the chance to do this, the first day I am was so bad at speaking but as the days went by I reassessed what I was doing and ofcourse by Sunday I had it down pat.

I loved working with Justine, she is so gorgeous, one of those wonderful serene people and her work is just stunning, I loved being able to see it every day.

Claire from Scrapbooking Memories was just gorgeous too, everything ran so smoothly, it was just a classy affair, while Justine and I did the same thing each day poor Claire had to stand up and say the same thing 6 times a day before every one of our talks.

Each day we had some ladies that would come to every talk and as the days went by we met more people and it all felt more natural and by the 5th day we had the craziest bunch of girls come in and finish off their mobile phone covers and so we heckled them and they heckled us but they stayed all day and were such a riot.

I still managed to spend $100 at the fair and sadly there wasn't much for scrapbookers, my bargain of the show is a 87x57cm cutting mat for $30!!! I picked up a few beads and some frilly bits and stocked up on my 7gypsies at Jo's stall

Back to reality today, which is ok, but I liked playing pretend for a week and getting out with the grown ups. We have kindy and a centre session today, I am looking forward to the long weekend next week.
Blogger Brooksy said...
Sounds like you had a blast Alli, wish I could have been there! P.S...Love the new slide show!

Blogger Frano's said...
hi alli,

just wanted to say what a pleasure it was to have met you yesterday at the craft fair. you are so lovely and your work is just fabulous.

p.s. i'm the one who asked how youfind time to scrap with two little kids!

love sharon

Blogger Justine said...
Alli....I miss you already! We shared some laughs didn't we? Back to reality now, with my eyeballs hanging out my skull....had a 4am start to catch the plane! I just wish you could do that dance for me again...... just one more time! Thanks for a super week Alli.....I loved seeing your gorgeous work IRL and getting to know you.....what a fantastic person you are!!!!

P.S How many times has 'Maisy' been on today?

Blogger domestic goddess said...
Alli you were brilliant, I am so sorry that we didn't get back to you, but the fair just wasn'tholding our attention so went and got dangerously pickled over lunch!!!
Your presentation was wonderful and you are such a great speaker, such fantastic tips, ideas and reasons why we scrap. The girls were commenting on that all day!!!
Well done Alli - we must catch up soon....Kim

Blogger Megan said...
Oh Alli I bet you and Justine blew everyone away!! Great to hear that it all went so well!

Megan xx