Friday, June 09, 2006
Help me!!!
I don't know what has come over me, it is as though the money I have is willing me to spend it and also spend the next months wages too! I can't stop shopping!!

Scrap shopping of course, I got a lovely thank you gift from SM of 48 sheets of chatterbox paper in the mail this week, but no that wasn't enough to keep me happy I had to spend $120 on mixed embellishments and I put an order into SAM (scrapbooks and more) for $70 in their big sale and another one to a place in the US called A peek into yesterday for about another $80!!!! what has come over me!!!! I am trying to save money for my Sydney trip when we go to crafting Connections, oh well atleast I wont be able to complain about not having anything to scrap with!

I better start doing some serious scrapping or I will run out of room for things again. I think I will just have to enjoy what I have bought and try and convince myself we have no money again so I can't go shopping, I have been so good the last year so I suppose one little ok mediuim sized splurg is allowed, I know, I am kidding myself. Maybe if I hadn't had to wait for things to arrive I would have stopped after that first order :) I got hung up on the thrill of the confirmation email coming through

Here is my strano ribbon card that is in Scrapbooking Memories vol7 no11, The other girls were a little more creative tham I was, a big thanks to Lissy for doing the sewing for me

Blogger Justine said...
Oh Alli! I have had times like you are talking about but if you don't do it that often I think it's fine.....well, that's what I tell myself anyway! I love love love that much so that I am going to lift it this morning if that's ok with you? Love your work Alli and I acn't wait to see what you produce with all those lovely new purchases....go girl!!!!