Sunday, June 04, 2006
The same but different
One I did for an All My memories shop sample page and the other is just for me, I like them both!

and this is a sneak peak of a layout that I did for Scrapbooking memories, it would have to be one of the best I have done for them, I really love it and I wish I could show it off!

I'm totally wiped out today, I've been trying to do online shopping with an intermittent internet connection, I'm after patterned paper, I have even inspired myself after my talk at the craft fair LOL I'm thankful we have a public holiday tomorrow, it is going to be just family stuff, last night we watched videos and ate twisties and Alec pretended he was a cat for an hour and 1/2 so we got lots of cuddles from the cat and I even got to brush him.

These are the good things in life.
Blogger domestic goddess said...
ooooh how good does the SM Lo look Alli - just glorious - you tease....
Nice to see some of your work up as I get such great inspiration from it - hope you are well.