Monday, June 05, 2006
Photos from the fair
You couldn't take camera's but Claire took photos for the magazine and she emailed them to me this morning.. Thanks Claire!!!

Alli, Justine and Claire

Alli hard at work

Three crazy ladies, these girls were so funny, they were our Sunday hecklers, they stayed for every session and were so funny.
Blogger Chris Millar said...
Hi Alli, just been enjoying catching up on your blog! So glad you had a lovely time at the fair! Thanks for sharing the photos!

Blogger Megan said...
Alli these photos are great! I especially love the top one of you, Justine and Claire.


Megan xx

Blogger Mandy said...
I agree - I take a good photo if I say so myself! Admit it Alli - how often do you get your own posse & mexican wave??