Monday, August 21, 2006
fiskars hand drill
ok so I have so much to say about kiwi scraps but more importanly of those of you who were there.... who wants a drill???? I am going to order 6 as they will only take $100 international order at a time, they will work out at $20 each so that is pretty good... if you want one leave me a comment and I will contact you. Watch out for a gajillion pictures and a 10 000 word essay on kiwi scraps.. I tell you if I could have folded up Donna and Ali and bought them home I would have, what totally gorgeous girls!

Tired...excited..inspired...planning planning planning, so much going on in my head right now due to those girls, and not only the classes but all the fantastic people I met, I had a ball!

but more later, got home at 1am and had 4 hours sleep before my babies came in, so good to see them.
Anonymous Carol Dillon said...
Hi Alli
Just came to your blog to make sure you and Lissy made it home ok, which you obviously did!
And what do I see the "drill". Yes I would love one! Email me what I have to do to get one!
Great meeting you!

Blogger Regina said...
Yes please!!! Green penis for me!!

Blogger Kelley said...
Yep - Me too please Alli!!!
Cant wait for the full report on kiwiscraps!! LOL!!

Blogger Chris Millar said...
Glad you had a great time Alli! What is the drill used for?? Sounds interesting!

Blogger domestic goddess said...
So glad to you had a good time, can't wait for the essay - yes please I will have a drill - how cool do they look?

Anonymous Julie LOVE said...
YES YES YES I must have a drill...if there is any left that is LOL!!