Friday, July 21, 2006
crop day update
As you have probably seen I am putting together a crop day to raise funds for the WA autism association early intervention centre, Well due to conflicting events I have decided to move it to Saturday the 9th of September, we also have a new venue that will hold up to 100 and wont cost us anything, which is just fantastic, so check out the Helping Hand blog I set up for the crop day for updates, by Monday I should have a definate on the venue then you can start booking spots!!

We are having a quiet morning here then we are off to Michael's work Christmas in July party

have a good one and take care on the roads if you are in Perth! it's crazy out there today
Blogger Megan said...
Hi Alli,

that is so great you can get a venue for free! All the very best of luck with your fundraiser!

Megan xx