Monday, July 10, 2006
School Holidays!
Started at 4:12am today :( it was raining and I woke to Riley screaming RAIN MUMMY RAIN, Alec camped on our bedroom floor and Riley wriggled in between us and didn't stop wriggling until 5:20am when I escorted them back to bed. I dozed until 7:30 when we all got up for good, I seemed to be making toast and sweeping up all morning then I decided to clean the kitchen and fold some washing, this is a huge accomplishment BTW, these tasks have long been overlooked/ignored.

We had to duck out to pick up some supplies for my class tomorrow and both boys were so good, we all held hands all the way around the shopping centre. Home to more food preparation and sweeping and a nice hour spent reading a book while my two tired munchkins had a sleep.

After class tomorrow we are having a play day at Lissy's with Evangeline, they are minding the boys while I do my class, and Saturday I had such a wonderful time scrapping with Lis and Jodi, it has been so long since I relaxed like that and didn't have appointments or meetings to rush off to, we must do it again soon Lis!

I've finished 5 layouts but haven't quiet gathered the energy or desire to scan them yet... Maybe later then I will share..
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