Sunday, September 24, 2006
So that was 40 prt II
So I told you about my gorgeous friends taking me shopping and dinner and cake, then there was mum brining dinner up and my present from Michael of cleaners, I thought I had it pretty good then but little did I know all my friends and my husband conspired and threw me a surprise party. Apparently it was a month in the making with secret email accounts and everyone going somewhere for the weekend.

So 4 weeks ago Michael tells me we are going to Ali and Steves for dinner, the opening of our spring/summer BBQ nights and he tells me he has asked mum to watch the boys, unknown to me he has asked Ali if he can have the party there, apparently there were many close calls but I was totally oblivious to their scheming.

So we head off at 6:30 and Steve answers the door I am chatting away and walk into the lounge and everyone is in there, Jodi and Craig, Lis and Ben, Nic and Andrew, Sharon and Vince, Danelle and Andrew and Ali, Steve and Michael and everyone had a camera!!! I was dressed in my BBQ casuals and everyone else was dressed up! I am still smiling and laughing today, I had a fantastic night it was great to see all the important people in my life all together in one place.

It reminds me to make more effort to keep these people close, to all of you thank you, you made my year! I am just so amazed that you would do that for me, I'm so touched and my gorgeous Michael you sneaky devil, thank you, you truly are amazing!
Blogger domestic goddess said...
so glad that you had a good time Alli - see it doesnt hurt that much after all!!!
What a great secret Michael kept from you and you being totally oblivious to it!!

Blogger Carole Janson said...
Wow, Alli, how lovely of Michael, and how unreal, for all your friends to be there for your bithday, turning forty is pretty good hey.

Best Wishes

Blogger "Grendel" said...
[Sneaky devil collapses in an exhausted heap - wrecked by the nervous tension of maintaining the secret. . .]

Blogger Mistra said...
LOL... what a gorgeous surprise! So glad all those close to your heart made you feel extra special! Your certainly deserve it after all the things you do for others!!