Wednesday, September 06, 2006
A sorry state
I am not well.. Still (and I need lots and lots of sympathy OK..)

I've had this flu for 18 days now and I am very much tired of it. It tricks you it makes you think you are feeling better so you run off and catch up on everything that is falling down around your feet and then bam.. It wakes you in the middle of the night and says.. HA HA I'M STILL HERE!! And you spend the next 1/2 hour sitting on the toilet vomiting on the floor, this is after you have vomited on the carpet and the doona, maybe I shouldn't have sat on the toilet but I thought I was going to fall over.

Michael cleaned it all up, all I could think was damn that diet coke taste shitty coming up. And also I am not one of those polite silent chuckers, I am a retching straining type so when is all said and done every capillary in my face, neck and chest are broken leaving me looking like a swollen pin cushion...See for yourself

Blogger Lauren said...
Oh my gosh, I really hope that your feeling better! Dam flu! 18 days too long I'd say. I've been blogging and sceen all the pages that every one has done. How can we buy tickets? If we can i'd love to buy a ticket as I think that it's a fab prize. Scrapbooker or not, great idea. I hope it goes well for you.

Lauren x

Anonymous Susan (smiles1965) from said...
We all had the dreaded flu germs for a few weeks during winter too. It's terrible isn't it.

I hope you get well very very soon. Have you been to the Dr and got some medicines?

Maybe you need something to help your immune system fight back.

Take care and hope it doesn't drain you for much longer.

Blogger Crissy Gaylor said...
I have that dreaded flu at the moment. Just started! I hope you get better soon. I am living off chicken noodle soup at the moment. :)

Blogger Chris Millar said...
Hope you feel better soon Alli!!

Anonymous Odette said...
That's terrible news Alli! Hope you perk up in time for Saturday!!! If you need me to do anything - just yell (Although I'm not going to hold the bucket for you!!!!)

Blogger "Grendel" said...
Cough, cough, sniff.

yup. Bucket holder has it too.

Coffee is the cure. That and the little pills with the symptom suppression meds.