Thursday, August 31, 2006
Well well well
so at 5:30 last night the messenger post van pulls up out the front and the man hands me 4 cards for 4 packages, this was turning into a bumper day as 3 were at the door in the morning. Just to recap I called the distribution centre monday and asked to have my parcels held... sounds like someone ran out the back and FOUND my wayward packages.

Michael says we don't complain enough but try putting in a complaint about 'ordinary' packages and you get that blank stare.

So I scurried off and what did I find... my missing packages, they only took 22 days to make their way from the Eastern States to Perth. I did think they had been stolen from the front door, but I hoped they hadn't. So now here I sit with one of my new shirts on.
Blogger Kelley said...
Glad you got your packages!!!! Bet the new shirts feel good too!! And look good!! Always feels nice wearing something new

Blogger Lauren said...
Thats great news that they turned up. I love ebay... Enjoy your day.


Blogger domestic goddess said...
you can wear one of the shirts to the crop day!! so glad it all turned out good

Blogger Chris Millar said...
Thank goodness Alli!! What a relief!
Did my layout arrive yet?? Not sure how long it takes to get over there!