Sunday, October 29, 2006
Cutting stuff up
I envy girls that can cut stuff up and make it look spectacular.. Look at these two -

Carol Janson
Joanne Bain

pretty cool pages, I've tried it but it isn't me and I can live with that their pages look alive, I like that.

Well I've started on Christmas decorations this week. We had some gorgeous paper mache stuff in at work, stars, bags (oh I so wanted the bag, not as a bag but just to decorate it) chests and pencil holders, well I got 3 stars and they will fit across a door way and a pencil holder to decorate for Michaels office at work, I also had a Christmas tree sitting in the cuboard and I pulled that out and the boys and I will paint the edges this afternoon then I will cover it. It is one of those Kaiser ones I picked it up from bunnings, thinking of using it as the Christmas day centre piece for the table.. So pictures later today
Anonymous Lali said...
WOW I agree Alli those pages are gorgeous, christmas stuff already geez you are organised

Blogger Lauren said...
Hi Alli,

I just love Caroles pages too, there amazing in real life. I love the 'play' LO my dear mum send me over the mags and I haven't got that one yet can't wait to see it though.



Blogger Joanne Bain said...
Hi Alli
Just read on your blog your comment about my layouts. Thank you. And christmas is going to be here way to soon and I have not even thought about it. Must get out our christmas lights.
Have a great day

Anonymous tessa said...
the pages are gorgeous
but yours are looking really cool to Alli.
very nice layout

Blogger Carole Janson said...
Hi Alli, thankyou for your kind words, and I just love what you have created unbelievable work, just gorgeous.