Tuesday, October 17, 2006
Speech assessment
at the beginning of last term all the children at kindy had speech assessments and the results came back yesterday, they are getting me a copy but Alec had almost the best results in the class. He had the best speechie, Chris was amazing I credit her with a good percentage of his progress this last year.

I find it hard still, even though we don't have those awful full day meltdowns it is still hard, probably because then I didn't know it wasn't just a phase. I know I should be happy but I am just sad right now, it is probably seeing all his little class mates running around with no obstacles in their way and here is my baby struggling to understand. I hope as he gets older it will be easier, already I can see so many different things with Riley's development compared to Alec at the same age, this is when Riley isn't copying Alec, some days it is like having two autistic children!
Blogger domestic goddess said...
Oh the joys of being a mum Alli!! You and hubby are doing such a great job of the kids and tackling everything so well - it is great that you can see some changes in Alec and realise that he will learn and will cope.
Take care of you

PS - I must send you that disc from the crop - ugggggh keep forgetting!!