Sunday, October 01, 2006
Happy Birthday Riley!!
wow my baby turns 3 tomorrow, we had the party today at Go Bananas, the party started at 9:30 and at 8:37 Riley was screaming that we had to go, we live 12 minutes from Go bananas. We eventually gave in and just went, Alec told Riley we were going to Go bananas and Riley burst into tears and told us no we were going to his party.

It was a lovely small affair, 7 kids who all had great fun, Alec caught up with his friend Sean from playgroup and they had a ball, infact Alec was amazing, he was into everything and the look of exhiliration on his face was fantastic, autism took a holiday today after a rather bad week, he was the most coherant, expressive and focused that I have seen him in ages. he was brilliant. Michael got him playing air hockey with Sean, which he loves and this one was so much nicer than the poor old battered one we play with at the PCYC.

At 11:10 Riley decided he had had enough so Michael sat in the car with him while I packed up, when we got home he had a temp, he slept in the car so now Alec is sound asleep and Riley and I are playing with his toys.

Blogger Carole Janson said...
OMG three alread Alli it goes to fast, my DS will be one on Wednesday, can't believe it. That PCYC looks amazing, I wish we had something like that up here, it looks like Riley had a ball, happy birthday Riley.

Love your Mini Book on your last post just gorgeous.

Hope you have a lovely week Alli.

Best Wishes

Blogger Lauren said...
I'm with Carole the mini book looks fabo and I reckon i'd have fun at go banannas!! You boys look like their having a ball. I can't wait too see what you scrap with the photos.

Have a great week,