Friday, September 29, 2006
The process
So when you sit down to scrap what steps has it taken to get you to this stage?

I always start with the photos, I print my own (on illford pearl paper)I usually print 5 pages at a time as I find it takes me anything up to an hour to select, crop and edit my photos, 5 pages usually takes me two hours, I do it over the course of the day saving as I go then printing all at once.

Next I trim them and sort them find out the date and then I journal. I do this because looking at the photos for so long cements the event in my head and it is a refresher and I can get it all down.

Now I am ready to scrap.

It doesn't stop there though, next I do the paper thing. If I can't find what suits I will go to another layout, then I find it easy to get started, I never put layouts away until they are finished otherwise they stay unfinished, I will leave them overnight but try not to.

My job this weekend is to sort my paper, I have ALOT close to 1000 sheets in total, 600 bazzill and 400 or so patterned. I need to get it all out look at it and reacquaint myself with it, hoping to meet new and old friends in there and together record some memories