Wednesday, January 10, 2007
The Airport
Well we took two very sleepy little boys to the airport this morning to see off grandma
Mike's mum had been with us for a month. It was just the best holiday, it gave them plenty of quality time with grandma, lots of stories and bed time cuddles plus we did loads of outings and Christmas was fantastic. I was spoilt by having her do the laundry and ironing, will have to reaquaint myself with the washing machine this afternoon.

The big drawback today, I didn't take the phone off the hook when I fell into bed at 9am LOL and ofcourse the phone hasn't stopped ringing so I got no sleep, don't they know to just send me an email LOL

Lots of adjustment this next week, getting our routine in order and trying to get the boys asleep before 9pm, need to hit kmart tomorrow for yet more storage items for my desk (anyone else have this problem? I can never find the right thing) and reorganise so when my Buzz and Bloom goodies arrive they have a home! really looking forward to working with all the DT girls and Helene and Devorah. Check out their blogs, they are listed to your right LOL

I'm off to inspect my kitchen, it doesn't look good.