Friday, January 12, 2007
my word..
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I said I wanted to
OK sounds good, but I'm shy, awkward around strangers, a bit of a wallflower and not the best at meeting peoples eyes. This is my ASD trait (autistic spectrum disorder) for some reason I would rather eat dirt than look you in the eye, I think Alec makes more eye contact with people than I do.

I excel at avoidance. As I had a shower this morning, that place where I am friends with everyone and can compose witty and well commented upon blog posts so we aren't talking reality here, my shower exists in that land of "IF" If I was braver/younger/thinner/more talented where we all exist at one time or another during the day, that is unless you are brave, thin, young and talented which would make you a melded stuck together mutated version of Donna Downey and Ali Edwards.

So back to stronger bonds, how do I do it? I feel I could do a bit more work to make these deeper stronger friendships but lets face it we only have so much time in a day, so much of that is surrendered just to that mind numbing revolting stuff like laundry and grocery shopping and emptying the dishwasher. I have friends who excel at these tasks and enjoy them, I also aspire to be them when I grow up as well as the mutated Ali and Donna number

My big excuse is always that I don't want to disturb people so I put off that call or that email, maybe that is where I will start I think.

all this because I can't find my corner rounder

*edited to say* I exchanged 2 SMS with Lis and 3 emails, called my friend Ali who lives around the corner and called my mum, I also checked my email 11 times but you are all obviously busy somewhere else LOL
Blogger domestic goddess said...
Alli you made me smile - of course you go into something so deep and meaningful because you can't find your corner cutter - I am the same!!!
Never be afraid of making contact Alli, you would never disturb people and unfortunately we all blame being too busy and not wanting to disturb for not connecting.....when we should all be stopping and connecting at some time during every day!!
Have a great weekend...

Blogger Alli said...
see.. look here!

someone I should have picked up the phone and talked to! I got the disc today Kim! thank you so much

Blogger Melanie said...
It is something that is so easy to say but so hard to do isn't it Ali! I am the same - a bit of a wallflower so to speak. Life is busy and at times we do what we think is right - if it means not answering the phone cause we are with family etc then don't feel guilty! Trust me I am still trying to do this! See you Monday CHeers Melanie

Blogger Mistra said...
Geeshe Alli... hope you found that corner rounder! Hate to see what happens when you can't find the tape runner!

Haven't popped in for ages sorry... been somewhat busy! LOL... no honest it's true! And today I decide I'm going to see what people I know have been up to and 'connect' again... and this is my first read of the day... meant to be hey!

Some people are the perfect social butterflies, others are quieter and more reserved... both are need ed in this world for balance. Enjoy who and how you are... because we do, like you just as you are!

LOL... ok so I need coffee... got any brewing?