Friday, January 12, 2007
Product Envy
you know what else I have discovered about myself.

I suffer from product envy. Admit it you do too, and if you don't then I want to come and play at your house! I mean admit it, who didn't drool then sob when they saw the pack of Ali Edwards favourite products she selected for the January Cocoa Daisy kit, I was so sorely tempted but postage was $14USD on top of the kit price, it was glorious as were the samples Ali made.

I work best when I have everything I want for a project. I did some layouts and a mini album/book for Kell at Scrap Needs and Kell said.. choose what you want to create with! well the 3 layouts and the book are what I consider to be the best works I have done in a while, I came to this conclusion while making Alec fruit toast as I thought about the loathesome BTP class sample sitting 1/2 done on my desk. This is the LAST BTP class I am doing, until I chnage my mind or am talked into it again.

Then there is the me that gets a commission and a pack arrives and I jab myself in the rear and tell myself do your job.

Then there is the me who has an extensive collection of 'stuff' yet can't find anything I like to go with anything. I will also add I am really bad at scrapping Christmas photos. I'm trying to do them now as I have trouble even going back 6 months to catch up with anything.

I'm nervous, my pack from Buzz and Bloom should arrive next week and I hope I can do a good job for them. I am still in that blah self doubt and negative creative energy place.

Tomorrow I'm going to do a complete clean out of the studio and maybe try and more the kids playroom from the front lounge to the spare room, I will have to negotiate with Michael, the mess and confusion is stiffling my creativity man! LOL
Anonymous Charmane said...
Hi Alli - You will be fine!!! I already have my pack - yay!!! Just remember to have fun with it :)Looking forward to getting to know you better and seeing what you come up with too :)Take Care Charmane

Anonymous Aida said...
Alli ...... LOL about the product envy !!! A scrapper in the Spore forum won three months of Cocoa Daisy kits *major envy* and yes, they are gorgeous !! I love their DT Michelle Guray.

Oooohh, waiting for the Buzz and Bloom kit is HARD *LOL* !!!