Monday, February 19, 2007
Autism Fundraiser 2006
Last year we raised $1937, these are some of the things the Early Intervention Centre was able to buy and a letter from Tasha Alach, the Clinical Manager.

Tasha is so full of enthusiasm and love for these kids, she is the one that amazes me, I am hoping to raise $4000 this year, it isn't money for research it is money that will be used to help the children TODAY!

I can't stress to you enough how important it is to reach these children when they are little, today Alec speaks, socialises, goes to mainstream school (with an aide) goes to parties, has friends. Two years ago life was very different for us, nothing will ever be "normal" but it isn't about normal it is about teaching life skills, helping them fit in our alien world and things we take for granted to these children. We will never be able to repay the Autism Association EI centre what we owe them for the wonderful things they have done for us in helping Alec.

Here is a letter from Tasha, I am humbled by the wonderful ladies that gave so freely at the crop day, this is what you have done for us.

Hi Ali

The money raised helped us to get new furniture for our Early intervention Centre

It has helped us to set up our group room so that it reflects as kindy or pre-primary setting, so the children can learn to move around from one activity to another within the one room. We have set up schedules within the room so when given a coloured card ie red, they can move to the red corner and match the card to the pocket and then sit down in preparation to start working.

The furniture has helped us develop programs that can accommodate for more children. The children have loved the new centre and the staff have been so happy with their new furniture and group room storage so they can access resources immediately. The weighted blanket and weighted vest have proved a bit hit for children that seek out deep pressure and need extra weight through their bodies to remain calm. We have been waiting to purchase these weighted products for over a year- they have been a fantastic resource for both the children and staff.

I cant thank you enough for the support that you have given us. Your passion and drive helps us to move forward and develop new experiences for the children and staff of Early Intervention.

Tasha Alach
Clinical Manager
Early Intervention

The Autism Association
68 Churchill Street
Subiaco 6000
(08) 9489 8900

Blogger mcewen said...
Good for you. I've come to your site before but always had problems logging in - glad I got the chance this time.
Best wishes

Blogger Lissy said...
FABULOUS STUFF ALLI!! Really is worth the effort :)

Blogger D@nielle said...
just wanted to say something instead of lurking. I think this is such a great initiative and hope you raise even more this year for this wonderful cause !