Tuesday, February 13, 2007
that didn't work the way i wanted!
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Therapy day today, picking Alec up for his 12:30 session and we are going to a behaviour management talk. He has been better this week, settled into school really well but, there is always a but, so many concepts Alec doesn't understand, the biggest being cause and effect, so say he hits Riley and for punishment we take away Thomas the tank engine for 10 minutes, he has no idea why we are taking Thomas away. He knows it is wrong to hit Riley but doesn't understand why he is being punished, we cleaned his room Sunday he wanted to go to the beach, we said he needed to help or he couldn't go, he didn't help but didn't understand why he couldn't go even when we explained it.

He will learn these things but it wont be through experience like Riley will, it is almost like rote learning, they memorise the rules basically. Our society is such a confusing place for them.