Friday, February 16, 2007
I'm sad
Alec is having an extended 'episode' it started last night at shopping, he was so over stimulated he was whooping, spinning in circles, running, squealing and jumping. It was quiet literally like he was high, he was high as a kite, but you see he is almost unmanageable in this state (and no he isn't on any medication). This morning he was agitated and non responsive, non responsive in the way he can be when you can yell and he still doesn't acknowledge you, he was talking 100 miles an hour.

I figured a walk to school would help as exercise and activity helps them lose some of that manic obsessive behaviour. We get there and there is assembly, I almost cried, but his teacher and his aide Helen are fantastic, they shooed me out and said go we can do this, I am so thankful for this school and these people. Unfortunately this is a manifestation of an incident at school when a boy was mean to Alec, it had such a huge impact on him as he has no way to deal with it.

So that was the start to my day, in other news the pergola is done and the carpenter is here closing in my lounge so it will be my scrap room!!! yayyyyyyyyyy Now to stop acquiring and start producing!

I'm off to clean up some things for the garage sale tomorrow, hopefully I will cheer up as the day progresses, thanks for listening, I hope you day started better than mine did!
Anonymous Tara said...
Sorry to hear that Alec is having a hard time today.

Glad to hear that you've got good support at the school though.

And yay for scrap room!

Blogger Lissy said...
oh no - not ideal at all :) poor you and poor Alec :) Hope things are on the up :) See you tomorrow :)

Blogger Kell said...
Hope your day improved Alli - it must be hard sometimes coping.
Luckily he has a good school and support, that must help.

Blogger Sharon Manning said...
Alli I hope your day got better!
How's those doors going on the new scraproom? Chin up love things will get better. Take Care.

Blogger domestic goddess said...
sorry to hear you are having a bad trot Alli - hope things improve - and your own scrap room - woo hoo!!! Will have to come up for a visit.....

Anonymous stefanie said...
Hang in there and have fun getting ready for your new scraproom!