Thursday, February 15, 2007
Girls day out!
yesterday I spent the day with Lis and Sharon, Lis and I drove up to Sharon's house in Bullsbrook, a nice drive and just a stunning view, we chatted and ate brownies and as you do we then made a b-line to the nearest scrapbook shop which just happens to be called The Scrapbook Shop in Ellenbrook, Lis and I met Jo and Jen and shopped!

We then trotted across the road to Oscar's restaurant for lunch. It was nice, peaceful, and we chatted away between mouthfuls but just that nice comfortable relaxed feeling. Here we all are at Sharon's

Today the pergola man comes, yayyyyyyyyyyyy I just ran out and did before pics, apart from that I am chained to the washing machine today, it has become a little out of hand!
Blogger Sharon Manning said...
Thanks for a lovely day Alli, it was very enjoyable and yes we will have to do it more often!