Wednesday, February 07, 2007
which do you like better?
After wipeing out Lis' blog in one easy click last night I spent my evening re-coding it and checking code.. want to know something... I loved it, such a familiar enviornment checking code line by line and all those netscape/IE work arounds you need to do, such fun!

So anyway today I did a few banners for Lis, these may not stay, I picked the one with the frame and loaded it to her blog, which do you like best?.

Blogger Sharon Manning said...
Definitely the one with Alli. My husband and I had our own web development company for 7 years and were both self taught html coders (there was nothing else around back then). Unlike you I don't miss it at all, give me wysiwyg anyday! LOL

Blogger Lissy said...
I like it lots :) Ta muchly :)

Thought I had lost it all this afternoon - I do NOT understand the html stuff at all!