Monday, February 05, 2007
A change of plans
so for the last 6 months my name and that of Lis Cassey have been used to promote a retreat, Di from Scrapbooking to Di for in Balcatta asked us to be involved, we worked last year in the shop and doing classes. So today I get a call telling me my services are no longer required for the retreat. The reason is I no longer work at the store so I shouldn't be involved, the new girls should be doing it, Lis was also asked to vacate her spot.

Fair enough but what about the work I did for the shop last year? that obviously accounts for nothing or the fact that my name was used to promote the retreat.

I had an arguemnet with a friend about this today and that I regret, but I still think it isn't the way you should deal with people, she thought it was a reasonable request. This year is for my children, I chose not to work in the shop or give classes because I need to spend my time with them, not doing classes. Originally I was just taking December through February off but I realised I didn't want to end up in the state I did at the end of last year, worn out and exhausted.

My biggest regret is I wont get to spend any time with my friend Justine Quinlivan who is working for another store that is involved in the retreat, I was so excited when I heard Juzzie was coming!

We live and learn and now some of the guilt I felt at not being able to do classes has been expunged by Di's actions. Lis and I will persevere... at the end of march we will be at a retreat in Hyden teaching along with Sharon Manning! I see a fun road trip coming my way!
Blogger Lauren said...
Hi Ali,

I just wanted to pop in and say I absolutly love your last post and have drawn so much insperation from it.

Bugger about the retreat i'm sure it;ll all work out in the end.

Cheers, Lauren x

Blogger Sharon Manning said...
"The wheels on the bus go round and round" How's your singing voice Alli? hehehehehehehehehehe

I don't agree with what has happened, it just isn't right.......but.........we will have a great time in Hyden!

Blogger domestic goddess said...
A lot of people are going to miss out on your enthusiasm and advice Alli and that is their lose!!
A retreat in Hyden? The road trip will be a blast - have you thought up a name for the 3 of you yet?? You know Thelma & Louise like???

Anonymous Natalie Wolfe said...
Not right about the retreat Alli. I have been following your work ever since I met you and Lis at through Di's shop last year and am still a fan ... good luck to both of you - you both were a great source of inspiration to me when I started out!!

Blogger Lisa Harman said...
Ali that is terrible, it just isnt right how they have treated you. I am appaled at the way some people conduct themselves.

I would be expecting compensation of sorts for all the hard work you have put into the retreat and stuff for them upto now.

NOt very nice some people are.

I am sure you will have fun in Hyden.

Blogger Julie said...
Sorry that has happend about he retreat Alli. It just isn't right that you did alot of the ground work and now aren't allowed to go.

Love your work by the way. Will be popping back in often.

Blogger Justine said...
Alli, I share in your disappointment but know that you will continue to channel your enthusiasm through your family, your blog, Buzz and Bloom, Hyden etc There is much to look forward too! I too am sorry that we won't get to catch-up at the retreat but we will make that coffee date. Talk soon my friend...