Saturday, February 03, 2007
Cleaning Lissy's Scraproom Day!
It was a foul day, so hot, on our way to Lis' house I sent her a text message asking if the airconditioner was on! This was what awaited me!!

We set Michael to making coffee so we could face the scrap room, Lis and ben are moving soon and Lis' room has never been big enough for everything so I volenteered to boss her around for the day to sort things out and bring my own personal barista to keep us in fresh coffee all day.
We did a great job! it looks so good now. You can see the floor and Lis has tons of room to work on and you can see the top of her desk

Blogger Lissy said...
Well you could let me blog it

Blogger Sharon Manning said...
Wow that is the first time I have ever seen the floor! Great job by all of you by the looks. mmm I can smell the coffee from here! LOL Thanks for sharing Alli.

Blogger Diane Roberts said...
Well done, you guys!

Good luck on packing it all up and moving house though, Lissy! Having just moved myself from France back to the UK, I don't envy you packing up!

Blogger Dale Anne said...
Wish you could come over here for a visit and do my studio......can I entice you with free room & board??? LOL