Monday, April 23, 2007
We start the cycle all over again, I'm back in the car, holidays are over. I've had plenty of sleep, watched 4 seasons of Stargate and got some layouts done and spent lots of time with my boys. I couldn't ask for more.
Directions for Today can be found @ Buzz and Bloom
Blogger Kim G said...
Oh Alli I am with you in the 'cycle' and back in the car - aren't holidays the best thing?

Glad you enjoyed the break and got to spend time doing what you love.

Kim xx

Blogger Lauren said...
Ohh I love this it's sooo.... cute Ali. I wish you all the luck for the Fundraising too!!!!

Have a great week, Lauren x

Blogger D@nielle said...
Love your canvas, such cute poppets !

Blogger domestic goddess said...
Yeap the cycle continues - love the LO Alli - and your poppets are gorgeous!! DD has just got an activity book with all these sorts of things as stencils - might have to give them a go!!

Blogger Jenny said...
As usual Alli your work is great.
You must feel so much better with No Migranes - Touch wood - the vitamins are working for you.
Do you have enough helpers on the crop day? I can make it to help out for a few hours if you need me. Luv Jen xxx