Wednesday, June 27, 2007
Autism Crop Day!!
5:30am Saturday morning June 23rd the alarm went off!
6:50am Ali arrives and we are off, we had the forthought to pack Ali's car Friday.
7:30am we are in the door and setting up! They had a great trolley system so setting up the tables wasn't too hard.
8am more helpers started arriving, Sharon and Sharon... then it is a bit of a blur until some time after 9am when everyone started arriving.
After putting down their bags the first stop was the crop shop! This was such an amazinf success. Everything we sold had been donated, Lis was run off her feet for the first few hours and the supplies didn't last long. From the crop shop we raised $718.50
People pitched in and helped all over, it was wonderful, then there was the coffee machine, supplied to us by 5 Senses and a collection of barista's from around town came and helped out.
The hot chocolates were a huge success!

Tania Davey gave a demo on doodling templates, very cool Tania, I would never have thought to do that!

My Helpers, these girls were great, Sharon Manning, Lis Cassey, Ali Hilson, Danelle Hamilton and Amanda Samways, thank you so much girls!I call this my Wallace shot! What is with those hands!Michael gave a talk on coffee, I made introductions and drew raffles, so many raffles! Tasha Alach from the Early Intervention Centre gave us a talk on autism and explained what the money we raised would be used for and once again I was amazed and humbled by the generosity of my community.

So between [coffee for a cause] and the Crop Day we have raised $5100 for the centre, we also have 3 more raffles to run and Natalie Wolfe from Scraptivate kindly offered to host them so if you would like a ticket for an HP A310 photo printer drop by and see Natalie.
Anonymous Tania said...
and it was an awesome day Alli! thanks so much

Blogger Ev said...
gotta say that the only word for the day was awesome...loved it and looking forward to next year. Coffee was wonderful and the company was good...can't really ask for more now can we.