Saturday, June 23, 2007
The big event!
what a day... between the coffee for a cause coffee drive and today's Helping Hand Autism Crop Day Fundraiser we have raised for the WA Early Intervention Centre $5144.50!!!!!!!!!!

We are tired, we shall now sleep and spend Sunday in our pjamas! watch this space for the full low down and tons of photos!

Autism Crop Day Fundraiser
Blogger Lisa Harman said...
Alli that is awesome.. well done to you and everyone that pulled this together. We all had a wicked day and yet again was a true success.. you are a doll.

now get to bed and rest woman.

Blogger Mistra said...
Yayyyy!! Well done guys!!!

I'm exhausted so can only imagine just how pooped you are since all I did was sit and scrap all day!

Was a fantastic day, thanks again for being such a perfect hostess!

And thanks for drawing my ticket as a winner... I am sooooooo rapt to have won the album. Mwah!!

Anonymous Tania said...
Thanks for a top day Alli .. i had a ball!! glad you raised so much money!.. you worked hard and deserve to spend the day in pJ's tommorow :)

Blogger Tammy James said...
Congratulations and well done to all involved!

Blogger Lissy said...
How fabulous - that is a great end to a great day - WOW!!

Blogger Lissy said...
oh and a BIG well done to Alli - you did a fabulous job - be PROUD of yourself....and Michael the coffee was GREAT! A very popular addition to the day!

Blogger Chelle said...
Well done Alli and everyone involved in organising yesterday.
Had a great day!!! and the coffee was a geat addition as well

Blogger Jenny said...
WOW that is great Ali, it was a wonderful day, you and all your helpers should be proud of yourselves.... a great day was had by all.

I am going to make a coffee in a moment in my Presso! Sorry Michael for scaring you! I was excited when I won!

Cant wait to see the photos.

Mistra no wonder you are so happy to have the album, it was amazing.

Enjoy your day in your pajamas, you have earnt it big time.

Luv Jen xxxx

Blogger Sharon Manning said...
Amazing effort Alli and Michael, you should be proud of yourselves.
Roll on next year! Or should I wait a couple of days before mentioning next year. LOL

Blogger Cath said...
What an amazing day thank you all. We had the best time....and it was really nice to meet you Alli. You can count me in for next year!!

Blogger Ev said...
Well done Alli, I had a great day but it would have been better if the Presso had been mine ROFLOL...what a fantastic amount...I will definately see you next time.