Monday, June 18, 2007
Four days and counting!
I'm not even sure where to start.. So it is Monday night, four days until the big event! the big event being the Autism crop day. This is my big event of the year, for the last month behind the scenes my friends and I have been organising the day, my friends are the oil that makes the machinery keep running.

I'm feeling a mixture of excitement, anticipation, dread and resignation.. it is going to happen even if I am not ready! I will be ready though and it is thanks to my friends.. Ali, Lis, Danelle, Sharon S, Sharon M, Amanda.. these girls have helped me get it together and then I just know that all the lovely girls on the day will help out too. I have met some great ladies and this is my way of catching up with them LOL, no truly it is for the kids and for the staff at the early intervention centre so they can help teach the kids. It has been amazing how Alec blossomed once we had coping strategies and learnt some social skills. This is where it starts and this is the most important time of their lives and I want them to have every single thing they need.

So have a look at this, we have 9 raffles, 3 door prizes and a 10 draw free raffle a crop shop and a real coffee machine and barista's from around Perth to make coffee.. don't you wish you could be there!! well if you are in Perth and want to come let me know, I have 12 tickets left!
Blogger Jenny said...
Ali everything will run smoothly, and so what if it doesnt! You seem so organized. I for one am really looking forward to it, as "big Kev" would say "I'm excited" Luv Jen xxx

Anonymous Tania said...
Wow only 12 left awesome! .. hope you have saved me one ? Im looking forward to it Alli :) Im sure it will all fall into place :)

Blogger Sharon Manning said...
You are so organised Alli that things will go like clockwork! As a crop day virgin I am really looking forward to the event and catching up with everyone and meeting new friends too.
Make sure you get some sleep between now and Saturday!

Blogger Kell said...
Good luck with it Alli - I'm sure with all the hard work you and your friends have put in, it will be a hugely successful day! Here's to lots of money for the center.

Blogger Justine said...
Congratulations Alli! Your organisation and band of helpers have already made it a success. Wish I could be there....will be thinking of you on Saturday. Have a great day!

Blogger Ev said...
I am really looking forward to this...just gotta get a bit organised with photos etc. I am sure that it will run like clockwork and even if it doesn't I for one won't complain...I am just looking forward to a nice day catching up with those I know and those I don't....not sure now how much scrapping I will get done now saying that!!