Sunday, July 22, 2007
Everybody should believe in something. I believe I'll have another coffee
a little busy right now, somehow a month has slipped by since the crop day, the end of July looms ever closer and deadlines approach for which projects I haven't even started...oops, I can see what I am doing this week!

Below are the coffee books I am making for our wonderful barista's that helped out at the crop day making wonderful coffee and for some other wonderful coffee people we owe more thanks that we could give in a year! I have 2 more photos to stick into the 3rd book, they are a labour of love but coming out beautifully. I pinched the cover idea from the Today You class I did with Ali Edwards last year at Kiwi Scraps, the inside are full page photos from the crop day.
Blogger Lissy said...
They look great so far Alli :) I am sure they will be a hit :)

Blogger domestic goddess said...
You are so organised in your production!! I am sure the coffee people will love them - they definitely deserve them!!!

Blogger Sharon Manning said...
Wow these look awesome Alli, great job and what a lovely gift.