Friday, September 07, 2007
When I dream...
I imagine I am a giraffe playing with my giraffe friends.

This morning was the pre primary assembly and the theme was imagination. My little giraffe was amazing. It has been such a huge week for us, Alec went on his first class excursion, I so so wanted to tag along but I knew I had to let him go alone it isn't like his aide can't handle anything, but you know what he was fine!

The past 12 months have seen some amazing developments with Alec. The work everyone has done including Alec because if he hadn't been receptive to our crazy schedule none of it would have happened, has been amazing. We have had a few fall down on the spot meltdowns this week but we are approaching the end of term so he is very tired, but I am just so proud of him.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Hi Alli great looking Giraffe LOL!! he looks wonderful. I am so pleased things are going well.

Love your altered photos, they looks amazing. I still have to scrap our photos.

Promise to ring very soon.

Take Care. Carole xx

Blogger Lissy said...
What a great giraffe you are Alec - E loves it :)

Blogger Lauren said...
Hi Ali, I agree great looking Giraffe, the photos will make for great scrapping when you get back into it.


Lauren x