Tuesday, October 09, 2007
birthday's, play dates and holidays!

how did this happen!!! 4 is turning out to be quiet nice though.

Had a lovely day at Lissy's yesterday, love that the kids play so well with very few tears.. apart from when Riley defaced E's wrapping paper, I was just thankful it was paper and not a wall as it usually is.

Looks like I have killed the mystery snails.. again! I am figuring you shouldn't use quilting wadding stuff in the filter.. note to self stop killing the snails, the gold fish on the otherhand looks just fine.

Slack day today, gearing myself up for Wednesday and Thursday, off to see the anethatist Wed and then Riley goes in for Surgery Thursday, they moved it up 2 weeks, which is probably just as well. I haven't told him yet, how do you explain to a baby they are going to knock you out and put whopping great crowns on your teeth and I just know Riley and the subject of fasting aren't going to go well together!

I see Ali Edwards book has been released, went to the CK website and was repelled by the $25 postage and found that Amazon would send it to me for $25 including postage.. which would you buy?? LOL it is on pre-order at Amazon but I figure I will still prbably get it before it even gets loaded onto the boat for these far distant shores.

Well it is 9am.. back to bed time! I hear a book calling my name and the cats want someone to lay on.
Blogger "Grendel" said...
They're not called mystery snails for nothing!

Are they bobbing around the top of the tank again?

Blogger Lissy said...
Yes 4 heading to this house hold very shortly too :)

Great fun yesterday :)

Blogger Sharon Manning said...
Wow I wish mine were 4 again....hang on, what am I saying, no I don't! I have just been clothes shopping with a 13 yr old girl who couldn't decide on pink or blue shoes so got both!
Thankfully they were only Big W $20 ones.
Anyway Happy Birthday Riley!!!!!
That Cake looks awesome Alli - did you make it?