Friday, October 12, 2007
Some time during Riley's development his teeth missed out on something, fast forward 3 1/2 years and all of a sudden my baby has huge holes in his back lower teeth. Once I overcame the shame of being a bad mother I made an appointment at the dentist for him.

We finally found someone to see him, and all I have is the most amazingly high praise for Dr Tim Johnston and his staff, it was a wonderful experience for me and Riley. Turns out it wasn't my bad mothering but hyper mineralisation, all to do with the formation of the teeth and enamel and stuff.

So it meant surgery for my baby, the big day arrived and we set off at 6am for the hospital, it was a fantastic set up for kids, again the staff were wonderful and Riley couldn't wait for the ride on the bed to the theatre. When the time came he jumped on and once he was there he looked a bit apprehensive, one person distracted him while the others did the needle, all of a sudden he grabs the rug throws it off and gets up and says

"ok, I've had enough I'm going now"

then his eyes rolled back in his head and he was asleep.

I spent a lovely hour and 1/2 reading and being made cups of tea until he woke up in recovery, he was pretty distressed and wanted to get up and go home but after 5 minutes of mummy cuddles he settled right down, they put on a movie for him and he ate some icy poles and drank some lemonade had a little nap and by 12:45 we were on our way home.

He slept on the way home but by 3pm he was running around the backyard yelling, about 4pm he had a mini crash and got back on the lounge and asked for medicine, apart from that he has been great.

So that was my Thursday!
Anonymous Tara said...
Glad to hear you BOTH came through okay. :)

Blogger Lissy said...
So glad it all went well :)

Blogger Anne said...
Well I'm very glad that wasn't too stressful!