Friday, February 22, 2008
26 and counting
26 children to Alec's birthday party on Sunday that is!!! a tiny bit mind boggling, I get a tad overwhelmed but we will manage, whimper whimper. I swear I have enough bags of lollies to keep these kids on a sugar high for 3 or 4 days. My only task left is to buy the tomato sauce and sausages and order the mini hot dog buns, the local baker does me 1/2 sized ones, so better suited to the kids.

Alec is still terribly excited which is great, this will be his last big party for another 1/2 a dozen years or so!

Oh and I have to make the cake! a construction theme this year to go with the truck candle holders mum bought for him.
Blogger jill said...
Love the candle holders!! You're son is going to have a blast :)

Blogger Lissy said...
what unreal candle holders....are they available as
see you sunday :)

Blogger Sarah C. said...
A happy birthday to Alec! Sounds like a fun, wild time to be had. Love the cute little candle holders. :)

Blogger Gabrielle said...
26 kids, OH MY!

Have a great time!