Wednesday, February 13, 2008
note to self
check your child has underwear on before going to kindy..

So I am tidying the lounge and what do I find, the dinosaur undies I put out for Riley to wear today, this isn't the first time he has not worn undies, but no undies at school.. I don't think so.
Blogger "Grendel" said...
With THAT child I'm surprised we haven't yet heard from the Principal that he has been seen running naked in the playground.

Blogger Lida said...
LOL That is so funny!

Blogger Lissy said...
rofl :)

Anonymous Rach Wyndham said...
Remember once my Mum picked up E from school for me [in Kindy], a little after I got there were packing up to leave and Mum [doing the Grnadmotherly thing] went to tuck him in - boy did she get a shocl! Needless to say he had no undies on either.

Maybe there is a rule they dont have to wear them in Kindy and we just dont know about it Alli?