Monday, February 11, 2008
selling the stash, visiting the doctor, fitting in the mundane and some sad news
A few of the girls dropped by and lightened my stash a little, it was hard seeing it go, as Danelle picked out papers I went oh no.. I love that paper, yes I know you love all of it, that is the problem, that is how we came to this position of having to sell some of it in the first place.

Then after school it was off to the doctors, my diabetes results were greatly improved so the doctor was happy but i thought I could have done better. Then I had to flash him, I have a lump under my nipple that is very owie right now, it appears to be a cyst so I will have to have an ultrasound and have it drained.. ewwwwwwwwwww nasty doctor stuff but best to get it out of the way and checked.

Then it was grocery shopping with two loud unruly children and then home and sitting on the phone trying to make appointments and wondering when I will fit in cooking dinner.

And then some sad news, a friend of mines mum passed away this morning, all my heart goes out to them, such a sad day for them all.
Blogger Linda said...
It is so hard to down size the stash. I need to go through mine again. I plan on sending it to my sister.