Tuesday, February 12, 2008
these being on all parts of my life..

  • Mother nature gave me an instant bond with Riley so I wouldn't smother him at a later date, now on our days together Riley has just jammed the days whining he isn't with me into the days he is and he wont accept no as an answer for anything!
  • glued paper/embellishment are like buttered bread, they always fall glue side down
  • I still don't really like cleaning...at all
  • my washing is under control, no more 5 foot high washing waiting to be folded
  • I love being a helper at school, the kids are still all so sweet
Riley at the ripe old age of 4 has already worked out that school goes for a very long time, he said to me..

mum, do I go to school again and again and again forever?

I said.. yep, pretty much.. he was not at all impressed. They are supposed to sit on the spots on the floor, and when the teacher called them to the mat Riley bought over a chair, put it over the spot and sat on it!