Saturday, February 23, 2008
31, there are 31, do I hear a 32???
31 children will attend Alec's birthday party tomorrow, I'm a little bit shell shocked, it just took me an hour to do the lolly bags!!

I'm keeping it pretty simple, sausage in a bun, tiny teddies and cheezels and cake, I've baked it now I have to go and create a construction site from icing... wish me luck!

ok.. off to do a pass the parcel with 30 layers!

oh and I suppose I should mention my famous husband...LOL last year as a writing exercise he started a blog called scrapbook widower, well now he has been included in an article all about scrapbooking, you can find it HERE He really is very clever and witty.
Blogger :: gingerkitty :: said...
Men,men are so funny Scrapbook Widower!

Blogger Theresa said...
Thanks for posting the link to the article on your DH. I've actually been on his blog several times and he is funny. Reminds me of my own DH. Good luck with the party.

Blogger Janine said...
I hope Alec's party went well. I had my DD's 8th birthday party today however I only had six kids!!! Started with food and the cake at home, then took them all to the circus- easy peasy party!!!

31 kids- gee wizz, you're one brave person!!!
Happy birthday to Alec!!!!