Tuesday, February 26, 2008
customer service
In these times of rather high petrol prices I am loathe to drive more than 10km for groceries or general necessities of life unless I truly have to.

So a month or 2 back I went to remove the lint stuff catcher thingy from my washing machine, I popped out the little filter and..oops, big gaping holes in the bottom. I'm not sure how long it had been like this but I pulled it out and set about searching the internet for a replacement. I gave up.. and I'm pretty good at this internet thing.

Fast forward to today and I remembered my friend Ali had had to replace a coffee machine jug, called her, got their name called them and talked to a delightful man named Paul, Paul my new best friend is posting out my catcher thingies today! The $5.50 for postage is half of what it would cost me in petrol to drive there to pick it up.

I am happy!
Blogger Sarah C. said...
Nothing better than good customer service - and it's getting harder and harder to find. Glad you were able to find someone who could assist you with the lint trap dilemma. :)

Blogger "Grendel" said...
RIght now is the season of Lint (at least in New Zealand), so shouldn't we wait until after Easter to fit it to the washer?