Monday, February 25, 2008
my baby's 6th birthday
Today my baby turns 6. Yesterday we entertained 34 children in the park for his birthday party, while it was hectic they all had fun and it was pretty easy, ok I condensed that a little, Michael and I ran around for 2 hours going from games to cooking sausages to cake and giving out party bags, the park really was ideal though. When we got home and finally finished tidying up and opening presents I sat down with his very first album and read every page.

You know what stuck me first, I didn't care what papers or embellishments I had used, all I cared about was the stories I had written. Looking at it made me smile.

This is Alec's quarry cake, mum found the little candle holders, the rocks are crushed up chocolate

and many many games were had, even now I can hear the star wars walker thingies ambling across the lounge and an army helicopter taking off, so wonderful all these toys have sounds LOL.

Alec's dad and I both blogged about our very special boy today

Happy 6 th Birthday Alec, you amaze me.. love mummy
Blogger Sharon Manning said...
Oh my gosh you are very brave - but I'm sure it was all worth it and by the look on his face playing with his Star Wars walker thingie, it was!
The cake is awesome - beats pink cup cakes!!!!!!!!!

Blogger :: gingerkitty :: said...
What color is the cake it looks lilac?

Blogger Darcey said...
34 kids!!! What a Mom!